Who we are
We are Ultimate Body Transformation. 
We are a coalition of gym owners across the United States, Canada, and Australia and we are on a mission.
We are on a mission to transform as many lives as possible through fitness and wellness. To make this mission a reality, we have partnered with small businesses throughout the world that share our beliefs. These partners want to make a difference in the health and wellness of their local communities. 
Here at UBT, we support our community of Fitness Experts and provide them with fully Remote AND In-Gym Transformations, so that they can turn around and help you crush your goals. 

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So, What Makes us Different?

All of our partners believe in the basic foundations of health and wellness. They know that if any one of these items are missing, a person will not be able to complete their transformation journey.

Join our Fitness Program


Fitness programs aren't one size fits all. 
The essence of a fitness program that WORKS, revolves around specific training parameters. Get these right and your body TRANSFORMS into something you could not imagine. Our Fitness Programs teach you how to shape your body and MELT excess weight off. In just a matter of weeks, your body becomes lean and strong, and your clothes start fitting A LOT differently.
Healthy Meal Prep Help


There’s an old saying that goes, “ 6 pack abs are built in the kitchen.” This is true. What most people do in order to lose weight is essentially starve their bodies of the nutrients it needs to strive. This ALWAYS backfires (not to mention can do long term damage to your body). With our Fitness Experts, members receive detailed meal plans formulated by registered nutritionists that are fun, easy and tasty. They are also low on FOD-MAP so virtually anyone can enjoy our meals. 
We can help hold you accountable


That word frightens a lot of people. It’s also the missing piece from most “fitness programs.” With our partnered transformation specialists, members will have their very own accountability coach and group. A group of people, and a coach, to encourage, push, and help each member make it to the finish line. And do it in an environment that builds community, trust and friendships along the way.
Not sure where to start, but want to start with something?

We get it. The hardest part of starting your fitness journey is just that. Starting.
If you don't know where to start, check out all of our available programs. We offer many different transformation programs to meet anyone's needs or desired fitness levels. We even have some for FREE. That's right. FREE.

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Ultimate Body Transformation
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Testimony for our fitness program
This is the healthiest I have been in YEARS. I am so happy that they didn't give up on me and kept pushing me to do better!
- Amanda Taylor
Fit male
I am so much more confident in myself. My body looks more defined than ever.
- Kevin lawson
Fit Female Transformation
Just a pound here and a pound there. Next thing I know, I'm down 45 pounds. I can't believe this is me. Thanks for the push! 
- Jasmine Rose
Ultimate Body Transformation
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